Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Episode Eight: Obama's Myspace Forum

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Sherri Lewis said...

Ofcourse I have viewed this much after the most recent Obama win in Iowa.

I'm interested in what you think of Obama now that he is much more practiced at his public speaking. I think he is an inspirational speaker and reaches people. However I am very concerned that a speaker doesn't make a president and with Oprah serving him up like the best selling book of the month club along with her released film The Great Debators (nice timing) I think the public and young people espcially will buy the package as it is served up in a popularity contest and book of the month club via Oprah then looking at experience and facts. Basically I feel like Obama is romancing the public and that works. Bill Clinton could do both and we got a great president out of him and a cheating husband. That works for me, atleast in terms of politics not dating.

Till next time. Keep it real.

Sherri Lewis aka Sherri Beachfront :)