Monday, January 7, 2008

NH Primary: 5 Minutes w/ Kucinich

Join actor Viggo Mortensen and Congressman Dennis Kucinich for five minutes of policy, controversy and more!


flo said...

this is one of my favorite yet because it has so much good information in it...that and the lovely viggo...hes on the list anthony...anyone with the name viggo is on the list.

Music615 said...

Yeah, great reporting. Common sense.
Dennis has a sense of humour.
Viggo Mortensen I liked what he had to say.
Keep it up,

Johnny McNulty said...

this series is great, and this is my favorite segment so far!
Seriously though, these huge corporations make way too many decisions about what information we as voters receive.
Viggo Mortensen's sweaterjacket...also an issue of profound national concern.